"I don't believe that I told Dr. Leif Hertzog that I have moved to Santa Rosa, which is why I have not been in to have my eyes checked. But I want to say how very much I continue to appreciate the fabulous surgery he did on my eyes. Yesterday, I went to a new ophthalmologist, my eyes are fine, I am seeing beautifully, and she (like the previous one) commented on what a fine surgery I had had, and what a superior job had been done, balancing my 'long' eye and my 'short' eye. So I would appreciate it if you would be sure that Dr. Leif receives this note of great appreciation."

Pat F.,

"I can't say enough wonderful things about my surgery with Dr. Dieter.  My vision is the best it's ever been, even when I was very young. The doctors and staff are outstanding and give great attention to your needs."

Barbara L.,

Hertzog Eye Associates is full of miracles.  I didn't know my cataracts had become so bad.  Then the first miracle happened - Dr. Hertzog checked my eyes.  Now, after surgery, I can see so amazingly well.  The people who work here are friends - they care.  I tell everyone about Hertzog Eye Assoc.  I want everyone to know about this place, so they can feel safe and happy they came to Hertzog Eye Associates.  Thank you!!!

Gloria C.,

I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the doctors and staff at Hertzog Eye Associates, for their attentiveness and care during my recent cataract removals. Dr. Dieter Hertzog, Dr. Darcy Ryan, Ms. Kimmy Barnett and Michelle, kept me informed, and addressed all of my concerns before, during, and after the procedures. Thanks for the care and compassion!

Fred P.,